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Hapax (dictionary game)
Hapax - v. 1.0.4
400 English words
400 French words
US$ 1.99
Euro 1.59


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"[...] entertain yourself and your friends for hours [...]"

Fictionary, also known as the "dictionary game" or simply "dictionary", is a word game in which players guess the definition of an existing obscure word.

The classic dictionary game, revisited.
Just grab a pencil and you will be able to impress your friends with your most creative made-up definitions for real words that you do not know.
You don't need a dictionary or any other way of finding a difficult word. Instead, "Hapax" presents you with a word at random, and memorises the words that you have already seen during the same game.
You can also play the game by yourself and enjoy the opportunity to look through the dictionary and enrich your vocabulary.

An elaborate dictionary
"Hapax" contains 400 English words, ranging from the uncommon to the extremely rare, along with their definitions, which are simplified and written in a more natural style than you would find in a classic dictionary.
But that's not all: you can expect to receive new words via free regular updates.
And what's more, if you change the language of your Ipod Touch or your iPhone to French, not only will you enjoy a fully translated interface, but you will also be able to discover 400 French words!

Lots of useful features
-> a dictionary with 400 words and their definitions in English + another dictionary with 400 words in French, which you can access simply by changing the settings of your device.
-> free updates with new words for both dictionaries to keep the game interesting (next update submitted to Apple in about a month's time).
-> manages games that are interrupted, either willingly or involuntarily (because of a call to your iPhone, for example).
-> a simple and effective interface.
-> a non-virtual multi-player game that is very user-friendly: your friends play alongside you, and you pit your powers of invention against each other to define words that you do not know.
-> a fun way of enriching your vocabulary and discovering definitions, real or invented, and sometimes surprising, unimaginable, amusing, unlikely, etc.
-> an application that endeavours to listen to your wishes: your opinions are of great interest to us - do not hesitate to contact us with your comments.