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Sounds real (sound bank)
Sounds real
v. 2.6.4
250 sounds
US$ 1.99
Euro 1.59

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"Sounds real" contains 250 sounds, useful for podcasts, parties, jokes, ... conceived around 2 simple principles: quality and efficiency.
"Sounds real" is compatible with any Ipod Touch or iPhone: just plug it into your speakers and increase sound volume.
Do contact us: even if we can't answer to every mail, all you comments will be read and we will do our best to update "Sounds real" according to your comments.

Quality rather than quantity
-> sound selection both on quality and interest.
-> high definition encoding.

A simple and efficient interface
-> play any sound from a single tap.
-> double-tap to play them in loop.
-> play a random sound.
-> record your own sounds (iPhone + compatible iPod Touch only).
-> create scripts, where you can selects sounds and waits to be played as a playlist.
-> rename any sound or script.
-> add and sort your favorite sounds.
-> replay recent sounds.
-> search the sounds by keywords.

Included sounds of current version are:
aerosol can (shake, spraying), air raid siren, air tool, alarm clock, alligator, angry harp, answering machine beep, anti mosquito ultrasound, auto police pass, auto skid, baby (cry, laugh), ballon deflates, bear, bees, belch, belch (short), bell, bell fire alarm, bicycle bell, body hit, bowling, bubble, bubbles, bullet, busy phone line, camel, camera flash charge, car can't start, car is locked, cartoon (ascending tune, descending tune), cash register (beep, ring up), cat (hissing, meow), censor beep, chainsaw, chicken, circus theme, classic metal lighter, clock tower chimes, computer printer, cow, crickets, crowd (applause, booing, cheering, laughing), cuckoo clock, dancing harmonica tune, demon laugh, dinosaur, dj scratch, dog (barking, drinking, panting, whining), dolphin, doorbell, dropped bomb, dropped can, drum roll, dry fart, duck, eagle, earthquake, electrical arcs, electrical buzz, electrical door unlock, elephant, evacuation alarm, fart, fire engine (horn, siren), fire extinguisher, flamethrower, foghorn, frying food, ghost, glass, glass break, goat, gong, good joke, guillotine, gun reloads, gunshot, hair dryer, hamster, hand brake, happy birthday, happy scream (female), heart beat, helicopter, horn (car, old style, tune, cucaracha, ferry, truck), horse (neigh, snort), hospital beeps, industrial alarm, internet dial up, jackhammer, jet fighter pass, jump in the pool, kiss, knife throw, laser gun shot, laughing female, lawn mower, lightswitch, loon, lucky wheel, lullaby, machine gun, magic, marmot, match igniting, microwave oven ding, monkey, morning bells, motorcycle (cruiser, dirt, touring), mouse, mouse click, orchestra warming up, owl, pager, parrot, party whistle, peafowl, phone dial, phone ringtone, pick up old phone, pig (yell), plane fasten seat belt, police siren, pool break, pouring (alcohol, beer, soda, water), power window, projector (movie), propeller plane pass, rain, rain stick, rattle snake, rattle snake effect, raven, rifle shot, rock in water, rooster, scary vision, scream (female), service ring, sheep, shop bell, shortcut, shower, silenced gun shot, slap, snake, snoring, sonar, spaceship alarm, spooky place, squeek toy, stapler, stopwatch, thunderstorm, tiger, time warp, time warp (short), toaster, toilet flush, triangle, trumpet tune (announcement, cavalry, sad, wake up), turkey bird, tv (snow), v8 engine car, very low bass vibe, whale, whip, whipping eggs, whistle, whistle of passing train, whistle to girl, windshield wiper, wolves howling, xylophone (ascending tune), your attention please, zip...